Miembros de VICOVAL durante una acción reivindicativa

VICOVAL supports the celebration of the Second Congress

Logotipo de VICOVAL

In 2003 the first European Congress on Independent Living was held in Arona (Tenerife). Important conclusions were reached there, reflected in the final manifesto. Fundamental conclusions in the evolution of the Independent Living Movement in Spain.

In 2008, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities entered into force in Spain. Even so, there is still a systemic violation of the rights of people with functional diversity, which prevents us from leading a full, free and fair life, with the same rights and obligations as any other citizen in our environment.

It is necessary to hold this second congress for many reasons: to strengthen activism in Independent Living, to demand recognized and violated rights, to specify what is Independent Living and what is not; expectations for the future…

The Association for Independent Living of the Valencian Community (VICOVAL) is a member of the Independent Living Federation (FEVI), which is why it supports the need to hold this congress.

From Valencia, we invite you to come and share the magnificent experiences that the participants will contribute.