Katja Villatoro

Katja Villatoro

Activist of the Foro de Vida Independiente y Divertad (FVID), linked to the Independent Living Movement since 2011.

Secretary of the Federación de Vida Independiente (FEVI) and of Vida Independiente Comunidad Valenciana (VICOVAL).

Author of publications related to the Philosophy and Movement of Independent Living:

  • “From disability to functional diversity: critiques fonamentals i presentació de noves perspectives.”
  • “Exploratory study of support structures and quality of life in people with functional diversity.”
  • “Empowerment in people with functional diversity: key to inclusion and social equity.”
  • “Towards a new vision of disability: Functional Diversity.”
  • “Disability and dependency. Law for the promotion of autonomy and prevention of dependence.”

Other Collaborations:

  • Coordinator of the Functional Diversity work group in the I International Conference of the University of Social Sciences of Valencia: The future of social services in the context of change.
  • Participation in the work group of women with Functional Diversity that made contributions to the National Agreement against Gender Violence.
  • Currently, pursuing PhD on Personal Assistance. An approach based on citizenship, dignity and social participation.