He has been a member of the Foro de Vida Independiente y Divertad -Forum of Independent Living- (FVID) since 2004, and as such he appeared before the Committee on Social Policy of the Parliament of Catalonia on two occasions, in 2005 and 2006, before the Commission to study the situation of people with disabilities in 2010 and finally before the Committee on Social Affairs and Families in 2016. He also appeared before the Equality Commission of the Spanish Parliament in 2011 to discuss the draft Law on Equal Treatment and Non-Discrimination.

He was one of the 9 founding members of the OVIBCN (CIL of Barcelona) in 2006. He has promoted different cultural audiovisual projects linked to functional diversity: the television series “Trèvols de 4 fulles” -Clovers of 4 leaves- (2018) as co-scriptwriter and actor, the film about sexual assistance “Living and other fictions” (2016) as an actor, the documentary on sexuality “Yes, we fuck” (2015) as co-director, and the crippled postporno short film “Nexos” (2014) as co-writer and actor.

He is also responsible for the “Tus manos, mis manos” -Your hands, my hands- sexual assistance project, he collaborates with the group “En torno a la silla” -Around the chair- that deals with the free and collaborative design of support products, and with the Art Transformation project, as well as in the sites Social.cat and Derechos Humanos ¡Ya! with opinion articles.